Operational Excellence

What Is Operational Excellence? This is a question often asked by people from all fields in a company. Operational excellence is simply a philosophy that focuses on methodical problem solving and leadership as the keys to continuous improvement. It is not, however, a set of activities that you perform. It’s a mindset that should be […]

It Is All About Money and Respect of Rights

Nowadays, seeing that the peak of the technological pyramid is getting narrower every day and engine design is stretched to its limits, inventions are the essence of the era. Patenting inventions is an everyday practice in every field – including us as Automotive Filters manufacturers. The advantage of understanding a new invention and the way […]

The Importance of Quality Engine Air Filtration

Through our daily journeys, we are being exposed to the highest levels of dirt, dust, and emissions. The technologies and materials that are used in modern engine blocks have become much more sensitive. When it comes to traffic, the priority is to protect the occupants of our vehicles from polluted air, but the second priority […]

The Art of Data Management

In today’s diverse and complex marketplace, it’s not enough to supply the best product—you also need to provide first class information that will allow your B2B and B2C customers to use your product on the correct equipment in the right way. This is particularly important concerning replacement parts in the automotive market. Incorrect information about […]

Water Removal in Diesel Fuel Systems in View of ISO 16332 – 2016

Ever since the advent of diesel fuel systems, water has been destroying their delicate, costly and high-tech components. The most common forms of damage are:   Corrosion: water combines with diesel additives to form acid. This corrodes/oxidizes both ferrous and non-ferrous metal components. Rust: steel oxidation results in the formation of rust. This eventually migrates […]

The Importance of Quality Cabin Filtration

Traffic and non-traffic related air pollution is a well-recognized contributor to some adverse health outcomes. The time we spend in our vehicles contributes to more than 50% of our daily exposure to raw emissions. Air pollution has proven links with adverse health outcomes, causing fatigue, headaches, and eye irritation, as well as exacerbating conditions such […]