Fuel Filters

Dirt and contaminants can severely affect the performance of fuel and in turn, engines. Our fuel filters help protect against the wear and corrosion of the fuel injector by filtering out foreign particles from fuel. This in turn contributes to the long-term performance of the engine.
We understand the importance of ensuring fuel quality and purity, and make sure that our fuel filters are adapted to the the most modern high-performance injection systems, as well as to the specific properties of alternative fuels such as biodiesel.
Our global production and distribution sites around the world mean that we can deliver any order of any size to your doorstep with minimum lead times.


All over the world, the laws regarding emissions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles have become extremely strict and harder to attain.A. L. Group recognises this and has been investing in R&D for many years focusing on developing new techniques, technologies, production processes and tools that enable us to provide metal free filters that edge ever closer to the goal of zero emissions.

Our vision is to produce a metal free filter that is completely “zero emissions” – both in terms of the engine it is working in and also for environmental disposal once it is finished with.

Our range of advanced metal free oil filters maximise the amount of dirt that can be trapped and held whilst enabling oil to lubricate the engine. Our filters provide the engine with cleaner oil and allow the engine to perform better.Our metal free oil and diesel filters are made with the best materials, glue free and ensure performance at OEM level.

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