Our management team is personally
committed to going the extra mile and striving for full customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1965

Services customers in the European, American and Asia Pacific markets

Subsidiaries & facilities in US, China, Europe and the Middle East

Over 1450 employees

Company Profile

A.L. Group designs, manufactures and supplies advanced filtration solutions to the automotive industry and After Market.

Founded in 1965, we’ve spent the last five decades working closely with our customers and combining the latest designs, technology and manufacturing processes to bring innovative products to the market. With the capability to find solutions for complicated filters, we offer our customers a perfect alternative to OEM. 

We believe in long-term strategic partnerships with our customers.  As a result, we are today recognized as a leading global filtration solution provider trusted by all the major international brands in the automotive filter industry.

Our dedicated team of professionals is personally committed to going the extra mile and striving for full customer satisfaction.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to offer innovative and quality filtration solutions for the automotive and HD industries.

We believe in fulfilling this vision by partnering for our customers’ success, and using our extensive experience in the After Market automotive filters industry to design and manufacture advanced filtration systems based on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs.

With the capability to offer patent solutions, we deliver custom-made, turnkey solutions from a global network of manufacturing sites – to wherever our customers are in the world.

We strive to go the extra mile for our customers, to operate with excellence throughout the entire value chain and with all stakeholders, and to create an inspiring workplace for our employees

Our Core Values

Our company values are at the core of everything we do and stand for. We see these values as the foundation of our corporate culture, and expect our employees to fully embrace them to further our success and that of our customers.


We believe in partnering with our customers to build long-lasting relationships, honor our commitments, and go beyond expectations. As a result, we continue to provide innovation solutions that help our customers succeed in the global automotive industry.

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We continue to learn, improve and strive to exceed the highest industry standards. It is our duty to perform according to the highest standard of professionalism and deliver outstanding results.

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With a global mindset, we have facilities in the US, China, Europe and the Middle East. This enables us to rapidly deliver shipments of any size to wherever our customers are in the world.

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Environmental Policy

A.L. Group management recognizes its responsibility to generate both successful and socially-responsible business with concern for environmental protection, health and the safety of people. To this end, we strive to win the trust of our customers and all interested parties through our stringent environmental policy, which includes:

  • A corporate culture that includes the motivation of our staff
  • Training and qualification for the improvement of safe working conditions
  • Strict compliance will production laws and regulations for environmental protection
  • Development, production and selling of products with non-negative environmental impact, and with the possibility of recycling
  • Reduction of waste and disposal costs and a conscious desire to increase the quantities of recycled waste
  • Precautions against potential contamination of the environment by oil spills or spills of hazardous substances



  • Continuous aspiration to reduce natural resource use
  • Periodic evaluation of compliance with applicable requirements regarding the environment and updating depending on changes in the aspects of our business and regulatory and other requirements
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management system
  • Assessment of the achieved performance indicators and improvement the overall environmental management system based on our products, services, setting concrete targets, and objectives in this respect

A.L. Group’s management has disclosed this Environmental Policy to all employees in the company and all subcontractors, and requires their continuous cooperation to achieve the global objectives of environmental protection. The company complies with the international ISO 14001 standard.

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