The Importance of Quality Engine Air Filtration

Through our daily journeys, we are being exposed to the highest levels of dirt, dust, and emissions. The technologies and materials that are used in modern engine blocks have become much more sensitive. When it comes to traffic, the priority is to protect the occupants of our vehicles from polluted air, but the second priority is another “breathing” element in our cars: the engine.

The air filters in the car are not usually considered to be of significant importance. Service professionals often say that the quality of the air filters is not a big issue and they are not as important as oil filters for the optimal engine condition. When you are choosing an air filter for your car, you might be advised to go for the cheaper option and be told that air filters from various manufacturers are more or less the same, This is terrible advice, and, as a filtration specialist, I must add that it is dangerous. With regards to keeping the engine safe and adequately maintained, the importance of air filters has increased enormously in modern vehicles.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t look for a cheaper alternative:

  • If low-efficiency air filters are used, the cylinder block, piston rings, bearings and other moving parts in the engine will be attacked by dirt particles that are too small for the oil filter to deal with (~20 micrometers). These particles will wear out the engine much faster. With many modern vehicles, there is only one solution once it has been detected that the engine has worn out: a full and costly engine replacement.
  • Modern engines are becoming increasingly efficient and are therefore making ever higher demands on air filters in terms of both efficiency and longevity. With the trend of scaling down of engines and turbocharging them to meet new emissions standards, there is a constant rise in the air volume that needs to pass through the filter, so both the load on the air filter and its importance have risen proportionately.
  • A high-quality and high-efficiency air filter is the basis for optimal fuel combustion.
  • Lower-quality air filters are damaged by the water that enters the air filter housing. This affects the function of the air filter, and it can no longer be considered safe to use.
  • A flame-retardant filter medium protects you and your engine from fire and heavy damage.
  • A permanent temperature loading of 80 degrees Celsius and variable temperature peaks of more than 110 degrees Celsius can occur at the filter housing during regular vehicle use. This is why it is critical to use a high-quality air filter that uses high-quality raw materials and will last for the recommended lifetime, thus saving money on labor and filter replacements.

It is true that quality costs more. But if you compare the cost of a new engine, mass air flow meter sensor, piston rings, low fuel economy, or more often filter replacements, there is no doubt that it’s more economical to use a high-quality air filter.

High-quality air filters from A.L. GROUP will protect your engine. A.L. GROUP offers diverse technologies and filter mediums that will enable you to meet the toughest maintenance requirements and emissions standards. By creating innovative solutions in the air filtration range, A.L. GROUP keeps your customers satisfied with high-quality products, and keeps you up to date with the newest technologies and filtration demands on the market. 

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