The Women of A.L. GROUP

Meet Helena Ponomarev

Helena joined A.L. GROUP in 2002 as product manager for air and cabin filters. For almost a decade, she has held many positions within the company, including Production Supervision Planning and Purchasing, and now she is our Global Range Manager for Air filters.

Helena holds a Mechanical Engineer degree from Perm State Technical University (PSTU). She is a proud grandmother to a one-year-old toddler, loves spending time with her family and playing with her British shorthair cat. Her hobbies include gardening, nature hikes, and “eating good food in beautiful places.”

Helena loves her job in A.L. GROUP HQ. She enjoys finding solutions to complicated projects, building technical specs for air filters, and implementing customer’s technical profiles to meet their exact requirements with every filter we develop. Her favorite part of the job is training, teaching, and mentoring young engineers while understanding the different mentalities, overcoming cultural differences, and working as one global team.


For A.L. GROUP, Helena is a fount of knowledge. She is always happy to share her expertise and goes above and beyond for the success of the company.

Meet Margarita Ilieva

Margarita Ilieva works as a Seaming Department Supervisor in A.L. GROUP BULGARIA.

She is a proud mother of two and enjoys gardening in her free time.

Margarita joined A.L. GROUP in 2014 as a production worker. Her path in A.L. was not always easy, but with her coworker’s and manager’s help, she managed to overcome all difficulties and proved to be a valuable part of our team in Bulgaria.


She likes her job and the company’s atmosphere where everybody, from the production workers to top management, respects each other and knows how to put themselves in “each other shoes”. Margarita believes that A.L. GROUP’s provides many opportunities for personal growth and career advancement, contributing to her work satisfaction.

Meet Huang Ying

Huang Ying joined A.L. GROUP CHINA ten years ago and is working as a Production Operator in our factory in Shanghai. She is very proud of her two sons, one of which is in college and plans to join the army after graduation, and the other is finishing high school.

Huang likes working with her team in production. Being an experienced and knowledgeable worker, she trains and mentors new employees on product assembly, riveting, testing and packaging processes.


Working in A.L. GROUP CHINA, provides Huang with many opportunities to leave her mark. The most recent one is a series of improvements she proposed for the packaging line, making it more efficient and avoiding quality issues. For this project, Huang was awarded the 2020 Q2 A.L. GROUP CHINA Team Award. 

Meet Angela Martinez

Angela has been with A.L. Group since 2015.  Over the years, she has held many different positions within the company.  She began as an operator on the injection line, was part of the New Jersey transfer to South Carolina, Supervisor of Re-Pack, HD Line, and now Team Lead of the new ECO Line.

Hobbies include music and spending time with her five-year-old son, who keeps her laughing and very busy.  Being a mother is Angela’s favorite hobby.

Angela had a difficult upbringing, so she had to help and not attend high school.  However, with dedication, she went back and got her GED at 21.  Most of her “education” has been on-the-job training. 

She loves being involved in the creation of our products and has seen significant growth within the company in the six years that she has been here. We believe Angela will continue to learn, grow and keep advancing in the company.

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