Decarbonization Management Plan

Navigating Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Understanding that human activities have contributed to approximately 1.0°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels – a figure predicted to reach 1.5°C by the end of this century, as per the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – we at A.L. GROUP are deeply committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We are actively combating climate change in accordance with the guidelines of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Embracing Renewable Energy: As we witness a revolution in renewable energy technologies, A.L. GROUP is actively transitioning to the sustainable energy sources of today – solar, wind, and hydro. This allows us not only to affirm our commitment to environmental responsibility but also enables a cost-effective energy strategy for the long-term.

Refurbishing Our Core Materials: We are making significant strides towards greener production by replacing our primary raw material, fossil-based resin, with lignin-based filter media. Lignin, a renewable resource and a by-product of the paper and pulp industry, serves as a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative, helping us create a greener supply chain.

Leveraging Solar Power: By installing solar panels on our facilities, we are transforming unused rooftop space into a source of clean energy, reducing our dependence on conventional power grids and showcasing our commitment to innovative sustainability solutions.

Accelerating to Electric Vehicles: As we anticipate the electric future of transportation, we are gradually replacing our company fleet with electric vehicles. This step reduces our carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels while setting an example for other businesses to emulate.

Minimizing Waste through Digital Transformation: We are striving to cut down on physical packaging materials and shifting towards paperless office environments. This strategy helps us minimize waste, optimize digital capabilities, and enhances our operational efficiency.

Switching to Tie Raps: Moving away from shrink wrap and incorporating tie raps in our packaging process is another crucial step in our climate action strategy. This transition reduces energy consumption during packaging and cuts down the generation of non-recyclable waste.

Boosting Energy Efficiency through Improved Insulation: Enhancing the insulation of our buildings significantly boosts energy efficiency by reducing energy losses, thereby lowering our consumption levels.

Encouraging Remote Work: By allowing our employees to work from home one day per week, we address the carbon emissions linked to commuting while offering our team a healthier work-life balance.

Refining Transportation Efficiency: By rethinking our logistics and supply chain strategies, we aim to minimize unnecessary travel and maximize load capacity, effectively reducing our transportation-related emissions.

Our Climate Action Strategy is A.L. GROUP’s pledge to a sustainable future. Though we recognize the challenges that lay before us, we are excited about the potential these changes offer in helping preserve our planet for future generations. This transition requires the joint effort of our team members, partners, and customers. Collectively, we can transform our sustainable goals into measurable achievements, shaping a more eco-friendly and prosperous world for all.