Environmental Sustainability Policy

Environmental Responsibility Policy

At A.L. Group, we understand that our duty to ensure profitable business operations goes hand in hand with our responsibility to protect the environment, promote public health, and maintain safety. We are committed to building and maintaining trust with our customers, partners, and the community through our comprehensive and vigilant environmental policy. This policy consists of:

  • Focusing on creating products that have minimal environmental impact and can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Making conscious efforts to reduce waste and disposal costs while significantly increasing the amount of waste we recycle.
  • Implementing strong measures to prevent any potential environmental contamination, such as oil or hazardous substance spills.
  • Continually striving to lessen our use of natural resources.
  • Regularly reviewing and updating our compliance with all environmental regulations, adjusting to changes in our business operations and any new laws or requirements.
  • Constantly enhancing our environmental management system to ensure we remain proactive and effective.

Our ongoing commitments also include:

  • Regularly checking our performance against set goals to improve our environmental management system, allowing us to set concrete targets and objectives and enhance our products and services.
  • Encouraging a company culture that motivates our staff to fully engage with our environmental goals.
  • Offering training and professional growth opportunities to promote safe working environments.
  • Upholding strict compliance with all laws and regulations concerning environmental protection in our production processes.

A.L. Group’s management is committed to sharing this Environmental Responsibility Policy with all employees and subcontractors. Their ongoing cooperation is required in order to achieve our shared goal of environmental protection. As a demonstration of our commitment, our company fully complies with the international ISO 14001 standard.