Other Filters

A.L Group also manufacturers a range of filters for non-automotive use that include water filters, filters for generators, industrial, military, and agriculture. Our deep knowledge of filtration technology and best practices, together with our infrastructure and expertise, make us the perfect partner for all your filtration needs. We have the unique ability to understand our […]

Cabin Filters

We supply a wide range of cabin air filters that can be either standard format or tailored to any unique shape to fit the available space of a specific vehicle’s outside-air intakes. Our cabin filters remove dirt, dust and other pollutants from the air entering a vehicle. This helps ensure that the air in the […]

Air Filters

We provide a range of high-quality air filters for both fuel-injected and diesel engines. These filters are extremely effective at preventing any abrasive material from entering the engine’s cylinders. They remove even the smallest particles from combustion engine intake air. This helps ensure that the intake air is clean, and helps achieve optimal fuel-air ration […]

Oil Filters

Our oil filters remove foreign particles and impurities from the circulating oil in the engine. By maximizing the amount of dirt trapped, and ensuring that the oil used to lubricate the engine is clean, these advanced oil filters help prevent damage and wear to the engine and ensure optimal and long-term performance. Our oil filters […]

Fuel Filters

Dirt and contaminants can severely affect the performance of fuel and in turn, engines. Our fuel filters help protect against the wear and corrosion of the fuel injector by filtering out foreign particles from fuel. This in turn contributes to the long-term performance of the engine. We understand the importance of ensuring fuel quality and […]