Cabin Filters

We supply a wide range of cabin air filters that can be either standard format or tailored to any unique shape to fit the available space of a specific vehicle’s outside-air intakes.

Our cabin filters remove dirt, dust and other pollutants from the air entering a vehicle. This helps ensure that the air in the air conditioning and heating vents, as well as in the vehicle itself is clean and fresh. Our advanced filtration medias can filter particles as small as PM2.5 and even smaller. We use activated carbon media to trap bacteria and bad odors, and keep your vehicle saloon clean and fresh.


A.L. cabin filters are considered market-leading in their ability to increase the effectiveness of a vehicle’s air conditioning and heating performance. Our production process is carried out by plastic injection to form a rigid frame, using either edge-gluing or side wall technology. We use only the best materials, which include non-woven, electrostatically charged, nylon-mesh and active carbon media that adhere to a specification of between 150 to 500gr/sq.m.

Our global production and distribution sites around the world mean that we can deliver any order of any size to your doorstep with minimum lead times.

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Use our online catalog to search for the exact filtration solution you’re looking for.

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